Why is the software or triggers so quiet?

I recently got SP set up for the first time and I’ve been getting to know the software. One thing that bugs me is the software or triggers are so quiet. I have meters on my monitor controller and for most hits I’m getting a reading around -45 dbFS which is super quiet for drums anyway. I have to crank the monitors way louder than I ever do for anything, which may cause problems if something goes off in the background or I cue up a Logic session without remembering to turn it down. Obviously that could be even dangerous with headphones.

It might be worth mentioning I am using Mesh heads (Evans SoundOff). I can actually hear them much louder than the actual SP software!

I’ve tried turning up each trigger as well as the master output as high as it goes (6db). Still really quiet. I’ve played with threshold settings on each trigger while making the Velocity I/O with the loudest possible curve. It becomes louder but still around -35 dbFS. By the way this is with me hitting the drums pretty hard too, so basically max velocity.

I think it’s something to do with the triggers maybe. Because when I go into the audio settings menu, and click “test” next to output, the tone it plays is actually super loud. Also I’ve noticed when I click a pad with the mouse, it’s nice and loud. Snares and kicks both around -18 dbFS which is more like what I would expect. So this tells me it’s maybe not the software internally or my interface/speakers. The triggers are just not making it loud enough. I’ve maxed the input volume on my interface for each trigger but that doesn’t seem to really help. Any ideas how I can achieve a better overall volume? Thanks!

Hi @wing,

It sounds like there could be something wrong with your setup, as full scale hits received by the software should be just as loud as any other software (depending pretty much only on the samples and FX you are activating with your playing).

Can you write into support@sunhou.se or start a chat on our website and include a diagnostic report and some pictures of your sensors attached to your drums and/or a video walkthrough of your setup?

For the diagnostic report: be sure to set the gain on the preamps back to normal (it should look like this in the threshold panel) and it would be very helpful if you hit the drums at various velocities on the head and rims while the report is collecting (15 seconds).

Once we get the diagnostic report and can see your sensor attachment we will have a much better idea of what could be happening.


Hi @stevenz - I’ll take some pictures and videos and send a support email as suggested. Thanks!