Windows 10 latency, crackling

Hi guys, I’m doing a masterclass tomorrow about SP, but apparently there is latency and crackling with the computer of the venue… it’s about windows 10 and focusrite 18i8. Any solutoins ? :slight_smile: Thanks !

What is your buffer size?

Unfortunately there is two possibility on this computer, 516 and 256 it’s weird
It’s not my laptop, I’m using MacBook and no issues at all !

I’ve always found there to be latency when I have a buffer size about 128.

Are those buffer sizes you listed the only options within sensory percussion when you open the software? Trying to understand exactly what you have access to.


Hey there, are you using the ASIO driver?

I think that should let you select lower buffer sizes and hopefully stop the crackling.


Exacly, only 512 and 256 (nothing under 256) Hi @stevenz I’m going to try ASIO driver, I let you know guys, thank you !!