Windows vs. MacBook?

Apologies if this has been previously asked. I’m buying a new laptop, solely dedicated to running drum VSTs, a DAW and Sensory. Trying to decide which OS to get, Win or Mac. Justin/65 Drums did a review stating he has a powerful Win laptop, but his old Mac ran Sensory much better. Any insights are greatly appreciated!

Hi @Denny - good question! While we test every release on Windows and have many users with PCs, the Sunhouse team all use Macs and we would definitely recommend it for any pro audio applications. macOS just has better system-level support for doing audio stuff with CoreAudio so there is no installed driver required to use the Portal interface. We have to maintain that special driver just for Windows.

But I would also recommend getting 16gb of ram if you can. Especially if you plan on running a DAW along side Sensory Percussion. It’s really a shame that Apple still offers 8GB as the base model…

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions