Wire Crosstalk?

Is anyone else (you must, right??) experiencing a lot of crosstalk from the SP2 sensor wires? If the wires touch each other they trigger all the sounds programmed for the zones they control.

I am actually having to shop for braided wire sheath solutions in an attempt to stop it.

If anyone is experiencing this - what is your solution?

If you were going to have to wrap the wires - what would work the best for this? PET?

hi @Benny - that’s interesting. We’ve never seen that before. Do you think you could send a video to support@sunhou.se. My guess is this is good-old-fashion crosstalk between drums. I think it’s unlikely any signal strong enough to cause a trigger could bleed between cables. We’re doing a lot of filtering for noise, etc. on the software side for that kind of thing.

Is there a reason you think it’s the cables specifically?

I can 100% guarantee it is crosstalk between wires. Here is a video, but unfortunately my sound is via headphones and I left it on Brooklyn soundpack so it isn’t quite as clear as if I had it on jingly sounds from other packs. but it does illustrate what I am referring to, hopefully. When the wires gete jangled it will trigger all of the sound associated in the software.

wire crosstalk.MOV

Hi @Benny - thanks for the video! I have a hunch that this might be noise being caused at the jack on the portal. Which is also not great. When you wiggle the cable, it’s causing a weak connection to create some noise. Would you mind trying to clean the tip of your portal cables with any kind of cloth (a t-shirt works!). Just rub the cable tip vigorously. Then try that test again?

Also, if you see a portal input triggering when you do this, can you open the training window and look at the thresholding panel? You can see the waveform there and what the noise looks like.


That was really interesting and a great idea - watching the edit screen jingling the wires caused less noise - But when I barely touched the wires at their connection point they caused A LOT more noise.
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Thanks for the additional video! Can you please give cleaning those cable tips a try? You can also try just spinning the cable in the jack and the contacts should clean it after a while. I’m pretty certain that’s the cause here.

I cleaned them prior to the video, but just to double check - I cleaned again with alcohol and a clean wipe. Same output as the video, again