Working with MIDI (from Sensory app to DAW and vice versa)

Hi there,

I am going to record some electronic drums and FX for one project and I am trying to think about ideal setup to make this easier for later session organising and the mix guy. Here is the deal:

1.)I will work with two sensors and I want to capture each drum separately as normal audio (two audio channels) + MIDI information (one channel). The MIDI plays crucial role here. I believe that this is the best and easiest way how I can provide the mix guy “organised” session. I will go through the each stroke then to divide the sounds (resp. pads) to the specific sonic categories like “snares”, “bass drums”, “fx”, “hihats” and then record them again as new audio stem. I assume that if I have recorded my whole performance as MIDI signal once, my DAW can send it back to the Sensory app and it should literally “re-play” everything I have recorded. Is that right?

a.)Is there someone who has already done this and can give me some tips to make the things easy and smooth?

b.)Should I be aware of anything when it comes to the MIDI communication (recording midi to DAW, sending MIDI from DAW back to DAW etc. etc.) between my DAW and Sensory app?

2.)Do I have to create two MIDI channels in order to record everything what comes out from Sensory app or one MIDI channel is enough?

Long story short, the point is to re-create my whole performance in DAW from (already recorded) MIDI and to make it sound exactly as I would record the MASTER audio from the Audio Streamer. The only time-consuming part should the separation of the sounds to the different categories.

Any tips are appreciated!



Hi, did you ever get an answer for this? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing now, a couple of years later, and having trouble getting it setup.