2.1.6-beta5 (Ableton Plugin)

We just pushed out 2.1.6 update, but we have a new beta to go along side it.

This release is identical to the stable release but the installer includes a new beta VST3 plugin with support for Ableton Live 11.3!

If you’re not part of the Beta channel and would like to join, send an email to support@sunhou.se (you just need a valid SPv2 license and a willingness to help test new stuff).


Thanks for the plugin. Works great in general.

The save - reload feels still a it clunky, where I need to reload the session, input and output independently and set the input channels again, as they are not saved within the plugin session and not in the ableton session.

Hi @Montry - we just pushed out an update to the beta that should fix this issue for you. Please let me know how it goes.