Bass frequencies causing misfires?

I’ll describe what happens to me and I’m curious if anyone else experiences this: I’ll set up SP with 2 drums (kick and snare) and things respond well when playing alone. Once I start playing with a guitarist in the same room a significantly higher number of misfires take place. Both between drums and between different strokes on the snare. I’m wondering if the vibrations from the low continuous drones is messing with the accuracy of the sensors? Any ideas? I’d love to use this live, but I really want reliable control and the misfires are killing the vibe :frowning:

Something you might try is when your other members are playing (you are not playing), go into the VOID tab and “learn” those frequencies. That might help.

Also, I’ve even voided things like when I touch the cables, stomping around the stage, etc.

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