Can you use a kick trigger such as a Roland KD140 or KT10 instead of a sensor on the kick?

I have a Roland kit. I’d love to use the sensors on my snare & toms but I’d also like to trigger Sensory from my kick without adding a sensor for simple phrases. Does the interface accept a straight line from the Roland kick? Thanks

Hi @Denny - there have been some users who’ve used the Roland KD-7 as an input for sensor and reliably get one zone. If your kick has a similar output (a 1/4" jack?) then it should work the same. You’d just need to plug it into one of the combo jacks on the front of the Portal and train it as a drum sensor, limiting yourself to 1 zone.

Here’s another thread talking about that - it’s for V1 but the same principles apply for v2: Standard piezo triggers and Sensory Percussion software

Let me know how it goes!