Explain colors of pads?

Can someone explain these pad colors? I’m assuming they mean they are trained, trained with samples on it, not trained, but I can’t find a good description of what colors go to what. I tried finding it via the manual and videos.



The darkened pads have not been trained. The dark grey pads are active, meaning they will activate if you play that gesture or any gesture that has been assigned to that pad. The light grey pads have been assigned to another pad. You can right click on them to see where they have been assigned (and activate them or assign them elsewhere).

You can read more about how the pads behave here.

Hi @Craig_Walkner

We just updated the manual to have a clearer explanation about these different pad states. Please check it out and let me know if it helps. Thanks!

Thanks StevenZ and Tenoch!

Couple suggestions:

  1. “untrained” paragraph description is incomplete.
  2. Is it “deactivated but trained?”