Sensory Percussion Templates

Hi all!

We figured it would be nice to have a place for all of the Sensory Percussion templates out there. Here they are:

Sensory Percussion Ableton 10 Plugin Template

Sensory Percussion Ableton 9 Plugin Template

Sensory Percussion Max/MSP Plugin Template

(These are also available on the manual page for the plugin)

Audio Streamer Ableton 9 and 10 Template

Audio Streamer Logic X Template

Audio Streamer Reaper64 Template

Audio Streamer Bitwig Template

Audio Streamer ALK2 Template (only in stereo due to ALK2 limitation on multi-channel-output plugins)

(And these are on the streamer page of the manual)

Bring Your Own Samples Sensory Percussion Template. For more info on this template click here.

Program Change Kit Switching Ableton 10 Template

MIDI to Ableton Drum RacksTemplate

Superior Drummer 3 MIDI Mapped Template

This post can be the start of a discussion about these templates. We want to know how you’re using them and what questions you might have. Also feel free to share any templates you make yourself in the comments.



Thanks Steven,
Any documentation on the Bring your own samples into Sensory Template?
I can download and see but just curious.

Hi Dave!

Thanks for noticing that. I edited the original post above with a link to the original post for that template, but here it is, as well.

Thanks! Super cool.

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