Sp midi to logic

Hi guys,

I have been trying to send the MIDI signal from SP to Logic X, but I can get it done,
can someone explain step by step how to achieve it, i have mi IAC Driver BUS active.


Hi Tomas!

  1. Ensure that you’ve got the IAC bus checked as an Active MIDI Output in Sensory (and NOT as an Active MIDI Input)

  1. In Logic, navigate to Project Settings/Recording… and select Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording.

Finally route the MIDI that’s coming from Sensory to the channels in Logic:


The Sensory Percussion channels: 1, 2, 3, and 4 default to MIDI channels: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (you can, of course, change that). You can read more about how to route MIDI from Sensory Percussion here: https://help.sunhou.se/overview/midi.html.


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Hi Steven,

Thanks for your help, I still have some problems, when I hit record in logic I can see the midi being recorded but just in one track, i cant achieve to record in separate track the different pads, there is a way to do that?. I added 4 different track each one with the channel that is being used in Sunhouse

Also when I play the midi that was recorded I don’t hear anything, that because i have to record as the sound, not as midi? my target is to hopefully record in logic what is sounding in the sunhouse software but in midi format.

Sorry for my ignorance I am new to this, hope you can help me.


You’re welcome!

You can record audio into Logic using the Audio Streamer.

But Sensory Percussion does not support recorded MIDI notes being sent back to activate the pads. You, however, can send and record MIDI to virtual instruments and samplers within Logic or another DAW.

Let us know if you run into any trouble recording with the Audio Streamer. There’s a Logic Template and explanation on how to set it up from scratch within the link above. You will most likely have to rescan for plugins if it’s your first time setting up a session with the Audio Streamer.

Good luck!

Hi Steven!

I was wondering if there are any plans to have midi notes being sent back to activate the pads and recreate the performance. I’m working on an album and this feature could be really useful for separating and organizing the performance. Maybe something like a plugin that sits within the DAW, not just a streamer but something like Kontakt. I’m guessing it might be hard to get the midi data of where you’re performing on the drum though (center to edge) etc. But maybe not?

Anyways if this is a feature in the pipeline, or something like it to help organize the aftermath of recording, it would be a huge game changer!