Track accurate MIDI in Logic Pro X to recall and edit your performance

Hey everyone!

I’ve been having a blast figuring SP out and unlocking the power of this software. It’s so incredible you get such a deep modulation matrix similar to softsynths like Serum, but now for drums! A dream come true for drummers and synthgeeks!

Anyway! As much as I love the live aspect, I would love to accurately track my MIDI and edit my performance before committing to audio, if that makes sense. I do this a lot with my Moog and Prophet, where I play a part while tracking MIDI out, capturing all parameters, smoothing out any little mistakes, and then retracking the audio by sending MIDI out to the synth and capturing that audio. Since Sensory Percussion both sends and receives MIDI, this should be possible, yeah? I followed all the steps in the MIDI routing videos, plus this other Logic thread - but it doesn’t seem work for me yet. It captures 10% of the notes, and no MIDI data regarding the controller parameters (timbre/speed/velocity)…

Am I missing something? I’m routing everything to the IAC bus, have midi channels set up to 1-16, all record enabled, auto-demix on, all pads routed to their default channels, but no luck whatsoever… and I’m not even getting to sending this back to the SP app to capture the audio, haha!

Thanks so much in advance!