SP Software Integration and Expansion

Just ordered a starter kit while on the black friday sale and I’m looking forward to digging in to the system.

I emailed @tenoch last year and he was super helpful with answering similar questions, but now that I’ve actually purchased one, and it looks like the software has developed a bit, I wanted to post some of the questions on here.

Part of what I want to do with the SP stuff is use it in my existing workflow, which at the moment is built around Kontakt. I’ve got lots of patches that I’ve painstakingly built up with multiple velocity layers, round-robins, etc…

Now at the moment, in order to use that I’d have to send MIDI over from the SP software, which I’m sure is easy enough to do, but this first question is toe see if there are any plans to make a stripped down “decoder plugin” that doesn’t have any of the sampler/fx stuff built in, but could be used inside another host/program. That would allow people with complex setups already to be able to incorporate SP into their workflow without having to build everything up from scratch again, inside a proprietary sampler/format. Similarly any changes I make in my Kotankt-based setup would have to be redone inside SP too.

The second question is about having lower-level data output either via some kind of API or through OSC. A big part of what I do is write custom software patches (in Max), so being able to access richer data (more than 0-127) would be absolutely amazing there.

Or another alternative, since OSC is quite niche, would be to send 14-bit MIDI as course/fine (MSB/LSB) as that’s pretty well supported in a lot of DAWs. I think even some Behringer gear sends hi-res MIDI that way.

Would also love some lower-level API, or OSC. It’s a missing link for me to really integrate SP more in live AV performances / installations. A C(++), Max or JS API would make me a very happy person!

Also fun to see the FluCoMa people hanging around here as well.

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