SP2 to SD3 MIDI Mapping Templates

SP2-SD3-MIDI-Mapping-Template.sp2 (28.2 KB)

Hey everyone! Multiple people have asked for the Sensory Percussion V1 to Superior Drummer 3 MIDI Mapping Template to be upgraded to V2. So I took some time this morning to remake the mappings in Sensory Percussion 2, click the .sp2 above to download.

Note: I haven’t had time to re-install SD3 on my machine and test this to make sure that it works, so please let me know if anything is not right, and I will update this post with any corrections.

Edit 4/17/24: I reuploaded the template, because I noticed a typo in one of the set titles

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Where does this get installed? In the SP2 software or SD3?

Hi @foxrun,

You can just bookmark a folder with the above .sp2, and then drag & drop the sets into your working session (or just load the session whenever you need it).