V2 sensors + interface with V1 software?

Bit of an odd one, but just curious if the V2 triggers + new interface can work within V1 software? Reason for asking is I’m using Ableton heavily, and hoping that until the VST plug-in for V2 is available, that I could just use the V1 software for the Ableton plug-in, and still take advantage of the new triggers and interface. I realize it’s a bit limiting as the V2 software is superior, but just as a temporary work around! Thanks!

Hi @Nicholas_Coultas-Cla

Yes, it’s totally possible. Just select the Portal as your interface. Since the portal doesn’t have gain knobs for the sensors, you might need to adjust the gain in the threshold panel for each drum as needed.

Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.

Thanks Tenoch, this is great! Will update once I can get it to run. Looking forward to getting my hands on these once available in Canada!

Hey Tenoch, I’m prepping for a live SP show in a day. Am trying to set up the new sensors with the V1 plugin but I’m not sure how to get signal working properly. There isn’t any audio signal in my audio channels. I’m using the V1 method of pulling in audio from the sensors to audio tracks and sending to the plugin. Should that still work with the V2 sensors and Evans portal? Attached a screenshot of my routing. Not getting any audio signal from the sensors right now.

Also, I’m using my old electro magnets on the drum head. Should those be changed?


solved my own problem with the manual :slight_smile: Apologies for not looking there first. For anyone who stumbles on this same problem Sensor Input #1 Starts at input #6 in your DAW. Scroll down this page to see a full portal channel list.

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Hi Kyle!

With the recent 1.8.5 update we added a couple features that really help with using the v2 hardware. We added a page to the manual all about this as well: How to Use V2 Hardware | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

Let me know if you run into any other issues.

Got it! This is helpful. Thanks Tenoch.